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Patchwork template We play balls Small

Discount: 189 Kč (-26%)
Price: 139 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Dresden 8 inch

Discount: 260 Kč (-10%)
Price: 235 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Hexagon

Discount: 550 Kč (-13%)
Price: 480 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Kaleidoscope

Discount: 495 Kč (-13%)
Price: 429 Kč

Patchwork templates Labyrinth

Discount: 369 Kč (-14%)
Price: 319 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Pineapple Large

Discount: 640 Kč (-16%)
Price: 540 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Lemoyne Star

Discount: 550 Kč (-12%)
Price: 485 Kč

Patchwork template Hunter Star Mini 4,5 inch

Discount: 279 Kč (-9%)
Price: 255 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Rising Star

Discount: 419 Kč (-12%)
Price: 369 Kč

Pattchwork template SUPER SQUARE 4,5

Discount: 265 Kč (-8%)
Price: 245 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Triangl 8 inch

Discount: 360 Kč (-21%)
Price: 285 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Diamonds 8,5 inch

Discount: 309 Kč (-6%)
Price: 289 Kč

Patchwork templates Day and Night

Discount: 290 Kč (-18%)
Price: 239 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Corner

Discount: 329 Kč (-9%)
Price: 299 Kč

Advantageous set Quilt Project 02

Discount: 1 633 Kč (-15%)
Price: 1 385 Kč

Butterfly set of patchwork templates

Discount: 299 Kč (-30%)
Price: 209 Kč

Patchwork templates Round and round

Discount: 469 Kč (-11%)
Price: 419 Kč

Patchwork templates Octagon

Discount: 399 Kč (-8%)
Price: 369 Kč

Patchwork templates Reel 16,5 Inch

Discount: 369 Kč (-14%)
Price: 319 Kč

Patchwork templates DP Rainbow

Discount: 220 Kč (-14%)
Price: 189 Kč

Download BagSet

paypal lizadecor

After clicking on the cart, you can pay a fee of 2, - € using PayPal and immediately download the BagSet stitches for paper. I will send the download link to email.

The set includes 3 patterns that can be combined with each other and a stitch pattern to matchthe pattern to a square (for example, a pillow). Before printing a template,you need to set the "portrait" print and set the "actual size". Otherwise, the template will be smaller and will not match the size. Each sheet contains a 1" test square to check the correct size, so make sure that the size of the square is 1". If not, adjust the print settings and repeat the printing.

If you have additional questions or problems downloading, please contact us at

Write the "Download BagSet" VIDEO HERE. Plastic templates HERE