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patchworková pravítka a šablony, patchwork , šití patchworku, patchworkové vzory

patchwork, quilting, patchworkové šablony, videonávody, Řezání a Gravírování Laserem

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Rulers and Templates
Laser Cutting and Engraving
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Patchwork Ruler V Block NEON

Discount: 640 Kč (-10%)
Price: 576 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Wing Clipper NEON

Discount: 600 Kč (-10%)
Price: 540 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Twister NEON

Discount: 420 Kč (-10%)
Price: 378 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Large Star 8,5 inch NEON

Discount: 519 Kč (-10%)
Price: 467 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Triangl 8 inch NEON

Discount: 380 Kč (-10%)
Price: 342 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Rising Star NEON

Discount: 460 Kč (-10%)
Price: 414 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Hexagon

Discount: 550 Kč (-10%)
Price: 495 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Kaleidoscope

Discount: 495 Kč (-10%)
Price: 446 Kč

Patchwork templates Labyrinth

Discount: 369 Kč (-10%)
Price: 332 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Pineapple Large

Discount: 640 Kč (-10%)
Price: 576 Kč

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