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patchworková pravítka a šablony, patchwork , šití patchworku, patchworkové vzory

patchwork, quilting, patchworkové šablony, videonávody, Řezání a Gravírování Laserem

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Rulers and Templates
Laser Cutting and Engraving
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Patchwork Ruler V Block NEON

Discount: 640 Kč (-10%)
Price: 576 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Wing Clipper NEON

Discount: 600 Kč (-10%)
Price: 540 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Twister NEON

Discount: 420 Kč (-10%)
Price: 378 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Large Star 8,5 inch NEON

Discount: 519 Kč (-10%)
Price: 467 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Triangl 8 inch NEON

Discount: 380 Kč (-10%)
Price: 342 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Rising Star NEON

Discount: 460 Kč (-10%)
Price: 414 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Hexagon

Discount: 550 Kč (-10%)
Price: 495 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Kaleidoscope

Discount: 495 Kč (-10%)
Price: 446 Kč

Patchwork templates Labyrinth

Discount: 369 Kč (-10%)
Price: 332 Kč

Patchwork Ruler Pineapple Large

Discount: 640 Kč (-10%)
Price: 576 Kč

About Liza Decor

Are you looking for rulers to help you create the most accurate and interesting patchwork patterns? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced creator, our rulers are the right tool for you. They are designed to be easy for everyone to use.

They are made of high-quality, durable material that guarantees a long service life and maximum measurement accuracy. With our rulers, you can achieve the perfect lines and angles necessary to create intricate and detailed designs.
Clearly legible markings ensure that every measurement is quick and error-free. Forget about frustrating mistakes and get results you'll be proud of.

Patchwork rulers, templates (3mm) and quilting rulers (5mm) are made of high quality cast acrylic glass Eco Green  ISO 604, ISO 527 - 2/1B/5, ISO 527 - 2/1B/1, ISO 178. is characterized by excellent light transmission (92%), which is comparable to glass, impact resistance (5x more durable than glass of the same thickness) and light weight (1.19 g / cm³). The surface hardness is the highest of all common plastics. Cast Perspex® acrylate has low surface tension and is resistant to UV radiation. Rulers and templates have an allowance for a 1/4 "inch patchwork foot. Čeština / Deutsche

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